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“A Door To Their Hearts; A Ferro Family Memoir” has published! Pre-Order your book about the Ferro ancestry here on this website, and then take some time to view the Gallery of photographs. Also, follow Author, Jeannine Miceli Martin’s Blog. She’ll introduce records and images straight from the archives of Sicily and Ellis Island. You can also like “A Door To Their Hearts; My Genealogy Journey” on Facebook to join open forums on a variety of topics about the Ferro families of today and yesterday. If you know or are a Ferro descendant, please come along for an adventure into our lineage. Just use the social media links in the footer below to open “A Door To Their Hearts.”

The Motivation Behind “A Door To Their Hearts”

Vita Ferro arrived from Sicily to Ellis Island at age six. Her name means "life."

My name is Jeannine Miceli Martin and I’m an Italian-American, but actually Sicilian – and yes, there is quite a difference! How do we in America know our true heritage unless we visit the land of our forefathers? So that’s what I did, and I not only found the authenticities of my heritage but family that still lives in Sicily. The trip inspired me to trace my ancestry. Who else was there? In the process, I learned the stories of my ancestors called Ferro, and in the book, I explain how I did it from the point of view of a genealogy enthusiast and a granddaughter who desperately needed to learn about the maternal grandparents I never knew. From my trips to Sicily and the research in the international archives, I traced my grandparents and other Ferro ancestors from a small village called Ucria and watched the turn of events in their lives. I followed some who emigrated to the Land of Opportunity and the struggles they’d overcome in the town of Waltham, Massachusetts. I relied on the Massachusetts State archives to trace the children born to the Ferro immigrants of Waltham and chronicled their lives from birth to death and what transpired in between.

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