Blogging to begin in September…

New blog entries for A Door To Their Hearts will post on the first day of every month, beginning in September 2018. Jeannine will showcase, translate, and discuss some of the Ferro records from the Sicilian archives as far back as 1800. Take a look at her collection of Immigration documents from the manifests belonging to steamships that crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Ellis Island with Ferro passengers aboard. See the Waltham city directories and federal censuses that helped Jeannine trace the journeys of the Ferro men and women who had migrated to the Watch City in the early 1900s. If you have questions or requests for Jeannine, please contact her via the Talk To Me page on this website. You can also like or follow her on the Facebook page titled “A Door To Their Hearts; My Genealogy Journey, for a chance to connect with other Ferro descendants and join weekly discussions on Sicilian, Italian, and Italian-American topics. Also, follow Jeannine’s posts periodically on Twitter, at My Genealogy Journey @ JMMGenealogy.

If the subject is her heritage or her journey while discovering her ancestry, you’ll find Jeannine’s comentary engaging. Stay tuned for a listing of where and when you can see her in person.

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